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Phishing, Scam short link detected August 04, 2023

The user account: [email protected]

Despre Noi July 04, 2023

Bine ați venit pe GoLnk.Ro - Soluția simplă și eficientă pentru scurtarea linkurilor tale!Ai linkuri lungi, greu de distribuit sau de partajat pe...

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Welcome to GoLnk.Ro - The simple and efficient solution for shortening your links!Do you have long and cumbersome links that are difficult to distribute or share on social media?...

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DO NOT USE this free service for scam or phishing links,if you do so you will be banned and your IP reported to the government authority.

WebSite CleanUp January 09, 2023

WebSite CleanUpAll spam, scam, phishing links were deleted and the users accounts deleted !!!